Fantasy Author and artist

Rebecca Wylde

Fantasy writer and freelance artist!
Author of The Lion's Apprentice.

The Lion's Apprentice

A contemporary fantasy series

The Lion's Apprentice

What happens when two worlds in peril collide? As Aquis and Earth struggle to fight a war on both sides, a young apprentice with a unique gift may be their only hope.

After the death of a human, for some, the life of a miathian lies ahead. A race imbued with magic, halfway between a human and demigod.
Fiaran is a warrior apprentice with a unique gift hidden from him. When a mysterious individual threatens peaceful life in Aquis, the young apprentice and his mentor are tasked with discovering what is going on in the shadows, meeting with history long forgotten along the way.
Back on Earth, humans fight a futile war against miathian exiles and rebels. Can they succeed in their fight with the help of two unlikely allies?
Content Warnings: This book contains violence, implied self harm, disfigurement / scarring, and struggles with mental health

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Check out the World Anvil page below!
This is not essential to understand the world and story, it exists as a little companion for anyone who is interested in learning more about the world, history, and characters.

Fiaran Tucker

Hearty and strong-willed apprentice determined to make his younger self proud.
Apprentice to Katashi.

Pandora Ashenstrile

Current queen of Aquis. Has strength to fuel an army and compassion for everyone beneath her. But do her wrong and you will rue the day.

Lyra Copsey

Warrior apprentice with a love for fun and breaking rules. A good friend to Fiaran, but mostly seen as very good at her job of being a bad influence.


Miathian warrior with a stubborn head and a liking for loneliness. Has a heart for adventure.
Mentor to Fiaran Tucker.


Age old red dragon nestled deep within the ruins of a once great city. Most see him as a beast, but one who can hear his words may see otherwise.


Prior royal guard of Aquis, now a rogue on the run, holding important information against the queen. What are his motives? Unknown.

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Born and raised in the east midlands of the UK, Rebecca Wylde is a strong lover of art and writing. They have been working on their passion project The Lion's Apprentice since 2018, always having a strong passion for writing, worldbuilding, and anything within the realm of fantasy.When they are not working on writing, they spend a lot of their time creating different artwork and crafting.